A/R Management

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Responsive tenacious, and outcome-driven!

Designing and implementing a system of internal controls for effective management of medical billing accounts receivable (AR) is crucial as it directly influences cash flow.


Pure B2B Solution

A pure Business to Business Solution, all you need is a scanner, a PC, email, and an internet connection – we’ll take care of the rest


HIPAA Compliant

Compliance to law is an obligation. With our HIPAA-trained personnel we take it very acutely to preserve the privacy of patient data


Quality Control

Each claim is cross-checked according to billing guidelines by our QA team to guarantee the data entry operations are liberated of common errors


Best Trained Workforce

Our Billing Analysts experience a thorough training program, followed-up by quarterly update courses to keep up with latest changes in billing

Impany Management Services

At impanybilling, our AR management team is structured to provide comprehensive solutions for addressing cash flow challenges. It operates seamlessly as part of our medical billing team. Our primary objective is to expedite the recovery of funds owed to our clients.

Our suite of Accounts Receivable Management services comprises:

Insurance Follow up

impanybilling’s dedicated AR follow-up team diligently engages with insurance companies on all accounts. Our highly trained staff maintains constant communication with insurance companies through various channels such as websites, fax, IVR, and phone, ensuring the prompt settlement of claims. The AR management team consistently monitors the aging buckets of ARs and ensures that all claims are followed up within 25-45 days from the date of entry, depending on the payer.

Our medical billing AR follow-up process involves obtaining the status of claims, information on appeals, and reasons for claim denials, if applicable. We make every effort to resolve claims over the phone by discussing them directly with the insurance representatives, aiming to have the claims re-processed during the call.

Old Accounts Receivable Management Clean-up projects

impanybilling also specializes in the clean-up of old Accounts Receivables. It is not uncommon for practices and facilities to have accumulated unresolved ARs either due to a lack of adequate AR follow-up resources or as a result of inadequate AR management by previous medical billing companies. Our AR teams thoroughly analyze the client’s accounts receivable reports and formulate strategic plans for efficient AR management. These strategies are meticulously executed to minimize bad debts and optimize AR collections.