Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

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No, there are absolutely no hidden costs associated with any of our plans. You’ll only be billed according to the package you choose and there are NO SETUP / STARTUP fees with any of our pricing option. All you need to do is sign up and start using our services. ZAS shall bill you a detailed invoice each month for the packages you’ve selected and nothing else.
Our team will coordinate with you on a weekly/monthly basis to share the progress reports of your practice. Besides you will also be notified on a daily basis.
It can be as low as 5 business days depending on the software & clearing house you choose to go with.
Yes, we have extensive experience on almost any medical specialties.
Yes, you can. We are committed to provide transparent and reliable billing services to our valued clients. You may switch between plans anytime and choose a new pricing plan of your choice. The very next invoice shall be according to the new pricing plan.
Yes, our staff is available over the phone to assist you 5 days a week 09.00am till 05.00pm. Besides, you can also communicate with us over Email and Skype