Revenue Cycle Management

Financial Planning

Reasonable all-encompassing, and skilled!

Most affordable pricing, Managed Billing Services and a highly Efficient team with passionate support Crystal clear & custom reporting, Remote IT Services and more


Reduced administrative expenses.

Boost your Revenue and business without escalating the billing staff and quickly decrease your administrative costs & outlays.


Pure B2B Solution

A pure Business to Business Solution, all you need is a scanner, a PC, email, and an internet connection – we’ll take care of the rest


Quality Control

Each claim is cross-checked according to billing guidelines by our QA team to guarantee the data entry operations are liberated of common errors


HIPAA Compliant

Compliance to law is an obligation. With our HIPAA-trained personnel we take it very acutely to preserve the privacy of patient data


Diversified Pricing

Impany Billing is one of the pioneers in introducing baseline billing packages to boost your profits with the most affordable pricing options


Follow-ups on Claims

A daily follow-up on unpaid / denied claims with payers guarantee that no charge is left anxious due to carelessness on both end


Best Trained Workforce

Our Billing Analysts experience a thorough training program, followed-up by quarterly update courses to keep up with latest changes in billing


Improved A/R

Exerci tation ullamcorpere segert suscipitorens lobortis solem iktoOur professionals and enthusiastic teams will bring your Accounts Receivables to a virtual zero within first four months by following best practices

Impany billing Services LLC

At impanybilling, we understand that the quality of billing services relies on assembling a proficient team of specialists and experts. Our expertise in billing services empowers organizations to attain the expected and deserved outcomes.

As a premier billing company, impanybilling offers cost-effective billing services. We recognize that a strategic approach to insurance and patient billing yields superior results. This positions us as a premier choice for on/offshore billing services, assisting our clients in achieving success in cash flow. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each client and prioritize their objectives, going beyond standard protocols to deliver results. We consistently strive for operational excellence to earn more business opportunities.

Whether your physicians are employed by a hospital or part of a private multi-specialty practice, impanybilling applies its core billing management principles to your specific setting. Our track record of surpassing industry standards showcases our consistent achievements, while our transparent communication provides valuable insights into your business’s operations, growth, and profitability.

With our management team’s expertise, proactive communication, cutting-edge technology, and proven processes, we serve as a reliable off-shore partner for your company, both now and in the future.